THe Cost of Assisted Living in Bedford, Ohio



Paying for the cost of assisted living may seem like an obstacle and cause you to wonder, “Can I afford this?”

If you compare your current monthly spending to the cost of assisted living, you may be surprised to find that it’s a lot closer than you’d realize.

When you live at home, you make separate payments for expenses like the mortgage, groceries, utilities, property taxes, healthcare, entertainment and travel. But, what if you were to bundle all of those monthly expenses up into one bill. Many of the expenses you pay now would be included in the cost of assisted living. Not only does it make it easier to afford, but think about all the extra time you won’t have to spend paying bills.

While services vary across locations, here are some of the standard services you can receive at Light of Hearts Villa that are included in the cost of assisted living in Bedford, Ohio:

  • Quality dining based on your menu selection, with friendly servers and an enjoyable atmosphere
  • Housekeeping chores, such as cleaning your apartment, changing linens and doing your laundry
  • Transportation options for medical appointments, shopping, education and entertainment
  • Health and wellness programs, such as physical therapy, Balloflex exercise activities and Walking Club
  • A community calendar full of exciting events, activities, excursions and social gatherings
  • Well-maintained common areas for socializing with friends or entertaining family members for special events
  • Staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to be alerted to an emergency
How Can I Pay for the Cost of Assisted Living in Bedford, Ohio?

Suppose you know you want to move into an assisted living community. In that case, there are probably more options for how to pay for senior care than you ever think, from personal savings and benefit programs to third-party companies. This is true whether you’re looking into the cost for assisted living in Bedford, Ohio, nearby areas like Twinsburg, Solon, Macedonia, or anywhere else really. If you have enough money to pay for assisted living out-of-pocket, that’s great news. But even if you do not, here are a few other options to consider.

Understanding Medicaid Coverage and the Cost of Assisted Living

As a nonprofit senior living facility, Light of Hearts Villa accepts Medicaid coverage and we have a social worker on staff to help you and your family better understand that process. In the 35+ years that we have been in operation, we have never asked a resident to leave due to financial reasons. 

Veterans Benefits and the Cost of Assisted Living

There are millions of veterans in the United States, but few of them take advantage of the government-funded benefit programs available to supplement the cost of senior care. If you or a loved one are a veteran and looking for ways to pay for assisted living, you may be eligible for a few more veteran assistance programs.

Long-Term Care Insurance (LTCI) and the Cost of Assisted Living

Depending on your specific policy and your care needs, long-term care insurance can be a great resource for paying for specific types of assisted living care. But not all LTCI policies are created equal,  which is why it’s important to consult with your insurance provider or a financial advisor to make sure you know exactly how your policy works.

Life Insurance and the Cost of Assisted Living

If you or your loved one has an existing life insurance policy, you may be able to convert an in-force policy to a pre-funded account to help pay for senior care. This financial option is especially helpful for seniors because all health conditions are accepted, there are no waiting periods, no care limits, no costs to apply, no requirement to be terminally ill, and no premium payments or fees.

Bridge Loans

The need for assisted living can be unexpected and sudden due to medical emergencies or the realization that living at home is no longer safe. Many senior financial services will provide a bridge loan to help cover the costs during the transition. Typically, the condition of the loan states that the short-term loan will need to be repaid once the funds are available, like for example, through the sale of a house.

Paying Out of Pocket

Whether you have money from investments, retirement accounts or inheritances, having private funds to cover the cost of assisted living can be very helpful as you make decisions about your future. You could also consider the option of selling your home to help you fund your move to assisted living.

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